17th Festival 2007

Fringe programme

Samstag 10. Nov. // 14.00 – ca. 15.30 Uhr
Eintritt frei
Festivalcafé im theater fact


»Sprünge über den Spalt«

(»Leaps over the divide«)

Spaltungen im Theater und anderswo


Gordana Vnuk, künstlerische Leiterin des Festivals Eurokaz, Zagreb
Rolf Dennemann, künstlerischer Leiter des Festivals off limits, Dortmund
Wolfgang Schilling, Theaterkritiker, u. a. MDR FIGARO, Leipzig
Prof. Fritz Siemsen, Physiker, Universität Frankfurt/Main
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Günther Heeg, Theaterwissenschaftler, Universität Leipzig

The term divisions allows multiple definitions. To begin with, the expectations, suggestions and differences of opinion evoked by the guest performance of euro-scene Leipzig, whose motto this year is »Divisions«, should be examined. Based upon the artistic expressions of the directors and choreographers and their national differences, the term will also be discussed in a more comprehensive sense, be it psychological, societal, physical or philosophical. And ultimately, the plan is to discover whether the artistic »Leaps over the divide« have been successful or whether there have been crashes as well during the 2007 festival.

»A division is a separation of materials into separate pieces caused by tension. Typical causes are thermal expansion and contraction as well as various settlings of the foundation, caused by changes in the ground conditions and changes in the water levels« (HeinzeBauOffice, Celle 2007, www.heinzebauoffice.de).