19th Festival 2009 / Programme

Main programme

Freitag 06. Nov. // 22.00 – ca. 23.30 Uhr (1. Runde – Teil I)
Samstag 07. Nov. // 22.00 – ca. 23.30 Uhr (1. Runde – Teil II)*
Sonntag 08. Nov. // 22.00 – ca. 24.00 Uhr (2. Runde und Preisverleihung)
Museum der bildenden Künste

Participants, winners and video clips 2009 in the archive of the competition

Zum 9. Mal: Wettbewerb

»Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo«   (Videoausschnitt  )

Jianan Qu, Linz »White Chrysanthemum« (»Weiße Chrysantheme«), 1. Preis 2007

Idee und Konzeption:

Alain Platel

Künstlerische Leitung:

René Reinhardt, Leipzig


Tobias J. Lehmann, Leipzig / Berlin


Sigrid Gareis, Mitglied des künstlerischen Beirats der euro-scene Leipzig, Kuratorin Tanz, Wien / Berlin, bis Juni 2009 künstlerische Leiterin Tanzquartier Wien

Lotte Kroll, Publikumsvertreterin, Bühnenbildnerin, Leipzig

Johanna Lemke, Chefredakteurin Stadtmagazin kreuzer, Leipzig

Ute Richter, Bildende Künstlerin, Leipzig

Felix Ruckert, Choreograf, Berlin

* Am 07. Nov. Party im Festivalcafé Telegraph

This popular competition comes from Ghent, where, under the title »De Beste Belgische Danssolo«, it was held three times, 1995-97, under the direction of the well-known Flemish Choreographer Alain Platel. In Leipzig it took place from 1997-2007 and during the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2002 (Dance Platform Germany). It was such a big success that we are now presenting it biennially for the 9th time. The barriers between professionals and amateurs have been lifted. What we’re looking for is independence, creativity, charisma and individuality. Training, style, age and nationality have no bearing. After an internal preliminary selection, the dancers perform their 5-minute solos in front of the audience and the jury on a circular table with a diameter of 7m.

The first three winners will be awarded prize moneys between EUR 3,000.00 and EUR 1,000.00. The dancer of the prize of the audience will be chosen by the spectators.

Having held the competition eight times at the Schauspielhaus foyer, it will now take place at the Museum der bildenden Künste (Museum of Fine Arts) for the first time.