27th Festival 2017


euro-scene Leipzig

27th Festival of contemporary European theatre and dance

07. Nov. – 12. Nov. 2017

Legendary dance piece »Das Triadische Ballett« and breathtaking children

The 27th festival euro-scene Leipzig will focus on reconstructions

euro-scene Leipzig will take place for the 27th time from 07. – 12. November 2017. The festival of contemporary European theatre and dance will present 12 guest performances from 7 countries in approximately 25 representations at 9 venues. The spectrum ranges from dance and spoken theatre to performances and a children’s play. The festival’s patron is Burkhard Jung, Mayor of the City of Leipzig. The programme selection lies in the hands of the festival director, Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, in cooperation with the Artistic Advisory Council.

This year’s festival motto is »Ausgrabungen« (»Excavations«). In one focus, reconstructions of historically important dance pieces will be shown that significantly influenced later generations of artists. »Das Triadische Ballett« (»The triadic ballet«) by Oskar Schlemmer (1922) is first in line here; it is one of the most important works in 20th century German art history. In the reconstruction by Gerhard Bohner (1977), danced by the Bayerisches Juniorballett München, it will open this year’s festival at the Schauspielhaus. In addition, reconstructions of works by Gret Palucca, Marianne Vogelsang and Mary Wigman will also be shown.

The second programme focus will lie on pieces by artists who use historic elements as a foundation for their new creations. In the field of spoken theatre, two important directors are highlighted: Pippo Delbono from Italy and his piece »Vangelo« (»Gospel«), which shows us a current world of outsiders on the basis of the bible, and the Swiss Milo Rau, whose gripping documentary theatre »Five easy pieces«, produced in Belgium by CAMPO & IIPM, with downright breathtaking children; it’s one of the pieces that has been most invited to tour in this season.

The dance piece »Bombyx mori« (»Silkworm«) by Ola Maciejewska from Katowice / Paris is based on the famous serpentine dances by Loïe Fuller. In »The wanderer’s peace«, Swiss choreographer Nicole Seiler has the 76-year-old dancer Beatrice Cordua tell her touching life story.

Unusual venues were selected for small-format discoveries: The performance »Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente« (»Things easily forgotten«) by Xavier Bobés from Barcelona will be presented in a cellar vault, and for the children’s play »Pakman« by the Compagnie Post uit Hessdalen, Antwerp, the audience will climb into a truck.

And then there is a world première: Leipzig’s choreographer Irina Pauls devotes herself, along with the vocal ensemble amarcord, to questions of belief and power in Europe in »It’s Schiller! – Die Maltheser. Tragödie.«, based on a drama fragment by Friedrich Schiller. The competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«), which was conceived by Alain Platel from Ghent, will take place in the context of the festival for the 13th time.

euro-scene Leipzig is financed by the Stadt Leipzig and the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. Additionally numerous supporting representatives of the guest performance countries will be present. The cultural partners are MDR Kultur and ARTE.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, Festival director
Leipzig, 27.09.2017

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Artistic Advisory Council:

In 1995 an artistic advisory council was founded consisting of internationally known experts for contemporary theatre. The members have advisory capacity and represent the festival internationally. Until 2020 inclusive the council consisted of the following members:

Dr. Brigitte Fürle, Artistic Director – Festspielhaus St. Pölten

Prof. Jason Beechey, Rector – Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden

Thomas Hahn, Journalist, Paris

Axel Tangerding, Artistic Director – Meta Theater, Munich

Christian Watty, Consultant – internationale tanzmesse nrw, Dusseldorf