• Chara Kotsali (Greece)
10. November  17:30 - 18:15 RollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerecht
Theater der Jungen Welt / Kleiner Saal
11. November  17:30 - 18:15 RollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerecht
Theater der Jungen Welt / Kleiner Saal
  • 2023
  • Performance

German premiere

On Sat, November 11: introduction to the blind 4.45 pm | registration for wheelchair users and audio description when purchasing tickets via the festival box office: telephone 0341-217 16 48, email

With German and English surtitles | Trigger warning

Being possessed, exorcism, inner voices, haunted places and demons: Already as a teenager, Chara Kotsali was as intimidated and as she was fascinated by horror films and their characters, especially the archetype of the “possessed woman”, who has been blamed for all kinds of things throughout history and was usually exorcised by men of the church.

In her solo TO BE POSSESSED, a “genealogy of the possessed” (as she puts it), the dancer and choreographer turns herself into the polyphonic mouthpiece of these bodies that master languages they were never taught, “sprawling bodies”, “bodies that put themselves in danger and thus also become dangerous”. She listens, explores, investigates, tries, tests and awakens the ghostly presences for individual rituals of memory.

It is an ecstatic sound and movement collage of enormous technical precision that shows an archive of “possessed women” from different cultural contexts and reveals their overwhelming, disturbing and subversive character.

TO BE POSSESSED, which premiered in Athens in 2023, is the young Greek dancer and choreographer Chara Kotsali’s first own piece. She studied dance and theatre science, anthropology and music, and – as a dancer – has worked with such famous choreographers as Christos Papadopoulos, Euripides Laskaridis, Tzeni Argyriou and Patricia Apergi.

+ Following both performances: AFTERSHOW|THOUGHTS & TALKS with students  of the Institute for Theatre Studies at Leipzig University

Tickets 24 € / reduced 12 €


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Concept + Choreography + Performance Chara Kotsali Dramaturgy Dimitra Mitropoulou Artistic advice Pericles Pravitas Music + Sound Jeph Vanger Original Music composition of Furiosa Dimitra Trypani Light Eliza Alexandropoulou Production management + Touring Delta Pi Technical Tour management Stavros Kariotoglou (Onassis STEGI) Tour coordination Christina Liata (Onassis STEGI) Translation + Surtitles Irina Bondas Audio description Beatrix Hermens, Matthias Huber, Cathi Matthies, Jana Rath, supported by Aktion Mensch Kreation Onassis STEGI, Onassis Dance Days, Athens, March 4, 2023

Production Onassis STEGI Guest performance support The presentation of TO BE POSSESSED is supported by ONASSIS STEGI’s “Outward Turn” Program.

Photo Pinelopi Gerasimou