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The euro-scene Leipzig team is in the process of making the festival more accessible for everyone. To this end, we are trialling new offers to make our festival more accessible. Do you have any suggestions or specific wishes regarding our accessible programs? Or are there any obstacles that have prevented you from visiting us so far? We look forward to any feedback. Please contact us:

We use the following pictograms to indicate certain accessible offers:

audio description | wheelchair accessible | no spoken language

acoustic stimuli | visual stimuli | sensitive contents

Wheelchair accessibility

Information on the accessibility of our venues can be found here.

If you are a wheelchair user, please register via the festival box office when purchasing your ticket so that we can reserve suitable seats for you and your companion:

Audio description + tactile guidance

For people with visual impairments, we offer audio description (AD) for some plays. This describes live what can be seen on stage, such as the plot and the stage and costume design. The audio description begins approximately one hour before the start of the performance with a tactile stage tour and the feeling of costume parts and props. You will then be given an audio receiver and headphones, the operation of which will be explained to you. Then an audio introduction to the play and the production begins. During the performance, professional speakers describe the visual events on stage live from a soundproof booth using the audio script.

The free audio description service can be used by approx. ten people per performance. Please register for this service when purchasing tickets at the festival box office:

If you would like to take part in the tactile tour, please register with the evening staff one hour before the performance begins. If you are coming directly to the performance, please be there 20 minutes before the start so that the evening staff can accompany you into the auditorium and familiarise you with the audio receiver.

Highly visual pieces + without spoken language

In order to understand what is happening on stage, spoken language is not necessary in all plays. Instead, images can make the action more comprehensible. In addition to plays with strong images and little spoken language, we also show other guest performances without any spoken language at all. All of these productions are also accessible for people with little or no knowledge of German or English and for deaf or hard of hearing people.

Sensitive content + sensory stimuli

Art can and should transform. But all people experience performances differently due to their individual background of experience. We are aware that some play contents can trigger overwhelming or hurtful feelings: for example, because it deals with physical, psychological or sexualised violence, serious physical or mental illness, suicide, war, racism, sexism, homophobia, inter- or trans-hostility, ableism or cruelty to animals. We therefore draw your attention here to content that we categorise as potential triggers. This information enables you to respect your boundaries and make conscious decisions. Because we want to make sure that you feel supported and safe with us.


We generally show our guest performances in the original language with German surtitles. For our audience with an international background, we also offer the majority of our performances with English surtitles.

Free events

All events in our Plus program, which includes talks, discourse formats, film screenings and workshops, are free of charge. For people on particularly low incomes, a contingent of free tickets for selected guest performances is also available every year via KulturLeben. Please contact them directly if you are interested.